How we were born:


Angela has been an adoring Elvis fan since she was four years of age and asked her mum why Elvis Presley wasn't her father...  


Due  to being a 'the King' enthusiast, Angela loves to learn more about, enjoy and share Elvis as the man behind the image, experiencing the unique and authentic (non-commercialised) side of his career and life - whilst also creating, and having fun at, modern events which celebrate Elvis' legacy.  

It is through this combination of classic Elvis history plus modern world-wide entertainment and events which honour the Elvis legend, that the Elvis Cool Club (events style) was born.  Who Elvis was - his charm, charisma, fashion style sense, family and friendship values, spiritualism, work ethics, generosity, and so much more - plus the impact he has on our modern entertainment, inspires The King enthusiasts to enjoy the magic and share the love!  

Who are we:

We are a high-end, high-energy, funky-vintage-inspired Elvis appreciation events club enjoying everything The King was, and is, with stylish fun and flair (based on the Gold Coast, Australia).

What we do:

We create and promote entertaining Elvis-themed (and related) activities and events so all enthusiasts can enjoy and experience everything about Elvis that is fun, authentic, and unique.  We provide a 'happening' funky place so fans can be part of the excitement and magic that was The King.

How are we different: 

We are an Elvis entertainment experience - we celebrate and enjoy Elvis' life from his humble beginnings, to everything funky and cool he was know for from the fabulous 50's to the sensational 70's, through various fun activities.

We take you on an incredible Elvis journey of the man, the music, and the memories from the past, to the magic that is still The King today.

Plus we are an Elvis community - we journey around the world to revel in, and expand, the Elvis love (in an Australian way) through Elvis events and news, starting on the sandy shores of the gold Coast, Australia, to bluesy Memphis, USA (and everywhere else The King's magic still delights).  We ARE Elvis cool...  

What is our promise: 

We promise that you're with an enthusiastic group of people who love Elvis and enjoy doing fun and unique Elvis-inspired activities and events.  Whether you're a suave 'There's No Place Like Home' traveller wanting to appreciate the best of The King online and at local fun events, or a 'Follow That Dream' smooth jet-setter looking to share Elvis' legacy in Australia, or at exotic locations around the world, then you're in the right place!