2020 Comps, Shows, & Events


Check out this great new Elvis museum with authentic artefacts owned by Greg Page (the original Yellow Wiggle). 

Website - The King's Castle

We're not sure if Elvis was into Bingo... hmmm... probably not but WE ARE!  Have some fun and test your Elvis smarts with our groovy trivia bingo.

It's on regularly - we post a fascinating multiple choice question on our Facebook page every morning (Monday to Friday) so you'll start the day with (Such an) 'Easy Question' to get the Elvis love flowing that you'll be glad you did (just check your sheet to see if you have the answer on it, mark if off if you do, get 5 answers crossed off up, down, or diagonally, AND WIN!) 

Elvis BINGO is currently on holidays - check out our Facebook page when the next round is starting!

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