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"Hi this is Elvis Presley®."


  If these words make you feel like rockin' or send a shiver down your

spine, you're in the right place...



                 Are you an Elvis Presley addict?


Do you feel ‘burning love’ for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll (you know every song by heart, have a closet full of Elvis gear, plan your holidays around fun local or international Elvis travel, and have a white jumpsuit, black wig and 70’s sunnies handy for every occasion)? 

Or maybe you find him to be ‘a big hunk o’ love’ (you go to the concerts and groove with the rest, have a few Elvis movie DVD’s on the shelf, a drawer full of CD’s, and a ’68 Comeback Special mug in the cupboard)…  

Or are you just mildly fascinated (you can do a reasonably cool sneer which gets you by at an Elvis convention…)  

Then you, my cool Elvis friend, have rocked into the right building!

We love Elvis (and definitely proud to share it!)















Elvis Cool Club Gold Coast loves everything about Elvis Presley – well almost everything… but because our adored ‘the King’ is definitely one hip cat, we want to share that magic with other Elvis Presley enthusiasts out there on the groovy Gold Coast…

Elvis was exciting, and dynamic, and charismatic, and the Gold Coast is a pretty incredible place too – so why not have the funkiest Elvis club in Australia to celebrate (and honour) a legendary entertainer in a glittering city that would have matched his energetic and vibrant personality!

So if you want to be a part of a funky exciting club whose sole purpose is to keep the Elvis Presley good times rollin’ then ‘come along’ – make new friends, swap stories, have fun, enjoy great events, relive the King of Rock and Roll’s amazing talent, join in what’s going on Elvis-wise around the world, and generally be entertained by the great man himself (Elvis IS in the building you know!)

Not only that (there’s even more!), we share Elvis travel tips if you’re doing the King touristy trek either to the USA or around the globe, keep you rockin’ in the know with our Elvis Shindig Guide (coming asap) of other Elvis entertainment/events/ETA’s/tours/cruises (anything Elvis really!), and mainly keep you enjoying his iconic music, movies, magic and memories…


Events - be entertained by, and have fun enjoying Elvis VIP activities such as:

  • charity fund-raising the Elvis way

  • movie nights

  • on-line trivia bingo

  • heaps of other great events...


Newsletter -  stay rockin' with everything Elvis through our entertainment newsletter (there's no better way to keep the magic of the King alive!)


Remember if you want to join in the entertainment that is Elvis Presley then join our exclusive Cool Club for fun, friendship and to pay tribute to an amazing entertainer that changed the lives of millions.